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State SEEP Reports
PDF File IconAlabama SEEP Report (395 KB) June 2002

PDF File IconIndiana SEEP Report (382 KB) May 2002

PDF File IconKansas SEEP Report (378 KB)

PDF File IconMaryland SEEP Report (222 KB) February 2003

PDF File IconMissouri SEEP Report (359 KB) July 2002

PDF File IconRhode Island SEEP Report (359 KB) May 2002

PDF File IconWyoming SEEP Report (630 KB) November 2002

PDF File Icon Wyoming SEEP Report - Appendices (311 KB)

PDF File Icon Briefing Paper #1 - Options Available in Funding Special Education Services in the State. (17 KB)

PDF File Icon Briefing Paper #2- Issues Concerning the Implementation of Recommended Cost-Based Funding Model. (15 KB)

Recent Developments: In November/December 2002, Dr. Tom Parrish presented the final report and recommendations to the Joint Education Committee (JEC) of the Wyoming Legislature. In December, the JEC voted against CSEF's overall recommendation to replace the state's 100 percent state reimbursement of special education expenditures with a cost-based reimbursement system. However, the JEC approved other recommendations made in the study, such as state review of special education services and increased emphasis on regional services.

Related Publications

PDF File IconMilwaukee SEEP Report (273 KB) February 2003

PDF File Icon CSEF Newsletter article: Nine States Expand Participation in SEEP This Year (142 KB)

PDF File Icon - Unavailable Comparison of special education expenditures across SEEP states and the nation

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