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National SEEP Reports
PDF File Icon The Purpose and Design of the Special Education Project (453 KB) December 2003

PDF File Icon No. 1: What Are We Spending on Special Education Services in the United States, 1999-2000? (246 KB) Updated June 2004

PDF File Icon No. 2: How Does Spending on Special Education Students Vary Across Districts? An Analysis of Spending by Urbanicity, District Size, Median Family Income, and Student Poverty Levels in 1999-2000 (134 KB) Updated November 2002

PDF File Icon No. 3: What Are We Spending on Transportation Services for Students with Disabilities, 1999-2000? (106 KB) Updated November 2002

PDF File Icon No. 4: What Are We Spending on Procedural Safeguards in Special Education, 1999-2000? (230 KB) May 2003

PDF File Icon No. 5: Total Expenditures for Students with Disabilities: Variation by Disability (174 KB) June 2003

PDF File Icon No. 6: Expenditures on Specialized Equipment for Special Education Students, 1999-2000 (930 KB) April 2004

PDF File Icon No. 7: Educating Students with Disabilities: Comparing Methods for Explaining Expenditure Variation (757 KB) May 2004

PDF File Icon No. 8: Characteristics of High-Expenditure Students with Disabilities, 1999-2000 (546 KB) May 2004

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