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Related Publications

An Independent Comprehensive Study of the New Mexico Public School Funding Formula – January 2008
PDF File Icon Special Education Financing Study for the District of Columbia - November 2007
PDF File Icon Special Education Funding In Oregon: An Assessment of Current Practice with Preliminary Recommendations - August 2007
  • "Getting Down to Facts" is a research project of more than 20 studies designed to provide comprehensive information about the status of California’s school finance and governance systems. AIR conducted four studies for this project:

    • Successful California Schools in the Context of Educational Adequacy
    • Charter Schools in California: A Review of their Autonomy and Resources Allocation Practices
    • Efficiency and Adequacy in California School Finance: A Professional Judgment Approach
    • Considering Special Education Adequacy in California

    Reports for these studies can be downloaded from Stanford University’s Institute for Research on Education Policy and Practice (IREPP).

    For more background on the Getting Down to Facts Project, click here.

    PDF File Icon Special Education Funding In North Dakota: An Assessment of Current Practice and Recommendations for the Future - July 2006
    PDF File Icon Reconsidering Special Education Funding in Georgia - June 2005
    PDF File Icon The New York Adequacy Study: Determining the Cost of Providing All Children in New York an Adequate Education – March 2004
    PDF File Icon Study to Measure the Delivery of Services in Accordance with the Individualized Education Programs of Students with Disabilities in the Los Angeles Unified School District (465 KB) — June 2004

    PDF File Icon California Study of Incidence of Disabilities (774 KB) September 2003

    PDF File Icon California Study of Incidence of Disabilities (658 KB) September 1998

    PDF File Icon Financing (or the Cost of) Special Education, [Thomas Parrish, at the Education Writers Association Conference, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee (559 KB) October 2003

    PDF File Icon - Unavailable Special Education in the City - How Has the Money Been Spent and What Do We Have to Show for It? [Tom Parrish and Catherine Bitter, in the Journal of Special Education Leadership, 16(1)] May 2003 (Not available online)

    PDF File Icon The Effects of Funding Incentives on Special Education Enrollment [No. 32 Civic Report, Drs. Jay P. Greene and Greg Forster, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research] (64 KB) December 2002

    PDF File Icon  Dr. Thomas Parrish's reply to this report ( publications) (10 KB) December 2002

    PDF File Icon A Study of the Kentucky Schools for the Deaf and Blind and Services for All Students Who are Sensory Impaired (656 KB) June 2002

    PDF File Icon New Era: Revitalizing Special Education for Children and their Families [Report of the President's Commission on Excellence in Special Education] (326 KB) January 2002

    PDF File Icon Special Education in an Era of School Reform: Special Education Finance [Thomas B. Parrish] (236 KB) June 2001

  • The Journal of Special Education Leadership, Volume 14 (1) April 2001
    CSEF Director Tom Parrish served as guest editor of this issues focused on special education finance.

    PDF File Icon Case in Point: The Administrative Predicament of Special Education Funding [Barbara Moore-Brown] (86 KB)

    PDF File Icon Impact of the Kentucky Education Reform Act on Special Education [Cassandra M. Guarino and Jay G. Chambers] (236KB)

    PDF File Icon The Impact of Census-Based Special Education Funding in Pennsylvania [William T. Hartman] (377 KB)

    PDF File Icon The Ontario Special Education Funding Model [Nancy Naylor] (397 KB)

    PDF File Icon The Costs of Inclusive and Traditional Special Education Preschool Services [Samuel L. Odom, Thomas B. Parrish, Christine Hikido] (52 KB)

    PDF File Icon Who's Paying the Rising Cost of Special Education? [Thomas B. Parrish] (44 KB)

    PDF File Icon Policies, Procedures, and Practices Affecting the Education of Children Residing in Group Homes (1,001 KB) [AIR Report to California Department of Education] June 2003

    PDF File Icon Education of Foster Group Home Children, Whose Responsibility Is It? [AIR Report to California Department of Education] (304 KB) January 2001

    PDF File Icon - Unavailable Racial Disparities in the Identification, Funding, and Provision of Special Education. [Dr. Tom Parrish, (2002), In D. Losen & G. Orfield (Eds.), Racial Inequity in Special Education (pp. 15-37). Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.] (Not available online)

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