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Topical Index of Fiscally Relevant IDEA Regulations
Assistive technology devices 300.308(b)
Former Chapter 1 State Agencies
Outlying Areas 300.717-
Secretary of Interior (payments to) 300.715
To LEAs 300.712
To States 300.703
Allowable Costs (by SEA for State administration) 300.621
Alteration of facilities 300.756
Attorneys' fees 300.513
Assistive technology
     Ensure availability of 300.308(a)
     Use of AT at home 300.308(b)
Average per pupil expenditure
Definition 300.702
Base Payments (to LEAs) 300.712
Base Year (State allocation- permanent formula) 300.706
Benefits to Nondisabled (permissive use of funds) 300.235
Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
See "Secretary of the Interior" 300.716
Capacity Building and Improvement 300.622
Chapter 1 State Agencies (former)
Grants to 300.713
See "State agencies"
Charter Schools
Children with disabilities in 300.312
Exception (joint est.) 300.190(c)
Subgrants to LEAs for capacity building (for) 300.622
Treatment of... (and their students) 300.24 1(b)
Civil Action--Proceedings
Mediation 300.50 6(b)(3)
Collective Bargaining Agreement (in exception of maintenance of effort) 300.232
Commingling (prohibition against) 300.152
Community-Based Waivers (public insurance) 300.142
Complaints--Due Process
Attorneys' fees 300.513
Complaint--State Complaint Procedures
Provisions for services under a by-pass 300.481
Waiver of nonsupplanting requirement 300.589
LEA and State agency compliance 300.197(a)
LRE (State funding mechanism) 300.13 0(b)
Private school placement by parents (exception) 300.403
SEA responsibility if LEA does not apply for funds 300.360
State funding mechanism (LRE) 300.13 0(b)
Condition of Assistance
State Eligibility 300.110(a)
LEA and State agency eligibility 300.180
Private insurance (accessing--informed consent) 300.142
State Medicaid agency (disclosing records to) 300.142
Exception to maintenance of effort (Termination of costly expenditures for construction) 300.232
Private schools (no funds may be used for) 300.462
Construction Clauses
State Medicaid agency (nothing alters requirements imposed... under Titles XIX or XXI) 300.142
Consumer Price Index For All Urban Consumers (Re: rate of inflation) 300.602
Coordinated Services System 300.244
Coordination of Services
Coordinated services system 300.244
     Use of LEA funds for 300.235
     Use of SEA allocations for 300.370
Methods of ensuring services 300.142
Co-pay or Deductible (public insurance) 300.142
Attorneys' fees 300.513
Reimbursement for private school placement 300.403
School-based improvement plan 300.247(c)(3)
Allocation of remaining funds to LEAs (best data) 300.712
Average per pupil expenditure (definition) 300.702
Bypass (provision of services under) 300.481
Decrease in funds (to States) 300.709
Deductible or Co-pay (public insurance) 300.142
At no cost 300.26
Average per-pupil expenditure in public elementary and secondary schools in the United States 300.702
Excess costs 300.184
Public expense 300.502
Direct Services
Additional information if SEA provides 300.147(a)(2)
By SEA (use of LEA allocations for) 300.360
     Nature and location of services 300.361
SEA (Additional information) 300.147(a)(2)
Use of LEA allocations for 300.360
Dispute resolution (Subgrants to LEAs) 300.622
Interagency disputes (methods of ensuring services)--Ensure services during pendency of dispute 300.142
Mediation 300.50 6(b)(3)
Due Process Hearing(s) and Reviews
Attorneys' fees 300.513
Hearing rights 300.509
Impartial hearing officer 300.508(b)
Parental rights at hearings 300.509(c)(2)
Educational Service Agency
Joint establishment of eligibility 300.192(b)(1)
     Additional requirements 300.192(c)
Eligibility (Public Agencies)
Hearings related to 300.144
LEA Eligibility
     See Joint establishment of 300.190(c)
Erroneously Classified Children
Recovery of funds 300.145
Independent educational evaluation (IEE) 300.502
Parent right to evaluation at public expense 300.502
To maintenance of effort 300.232
Excess Costs 300.184
Definition 300.184
Joint establishment of eligibility 300.185
LEA requirement 300.230
Limitation on use of Part-B funds 300.184
Meeting the excess cost requirement 300.185
Alteration of 300.756
Children in private schools or facilities 300.462
Construction or alteration of 300.756
Termination of expenses for construction of 300.232
FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education)
Methods & payments 300.301
Reallocation of LEA funds (Re: FAPE adequate) 300.714
Filing a Claim (private insurance) 300.142
Financial Costs
Definition 300.142
Allocations to LEAs 300.712
Allocations to States 300.703
Private school children 300.453
SEA set aside funds distributed by 300.370
See also 300.156
Funding Mechanism--LRE 300.130(b)
Funds (see "Use of Funds...")
Grants to States 300.701
     Maximum amount 300.701
     Purpose of 300.701
See "Subgrants"
Hearing Officers
Impartial hearing officer 300.508(b)
Hearing Rights 300.509
Hearing Procedures
LEA Eligibility 300.144
State Eligibility 300.581(a)(1)
Parent participation 300.345(e)-(f)
Participating Agency 300.340(b)
Impartial hearing officer 300.508(b)
Incidental Benefits (Permissive Use of Funds) 300.235
Incidental Fees (in definition of "at no cost") 300.26
Increase in Funds (to States) 300.703
Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) 300.502
Public expense (definition under IEE) 300.502
Indian; Indian Children
Payments to Secretary of the Interior for Education of Indian children 300.715
Education and services for children aged 3-5 300.716
Community-based waivers 300.142
Financial costs (definition) 300.142
Medicaid 300.142
Out of pocket expense 300.142
Private insurance 300.142
Public insurance 300.142
Risk of loss eligibility 300.142
Interagency Agreements
FAPE methods and payments (joint agreements) 300.301
Methods of insuring services 300.142
Subgrants to LEAs for capacity building (for) 300.622
Interagency coordination (see "Coordination of Services;""Interagency Agreements"
Interagency Financing Strategies 300.244
Interim Formula (allocations to States) 300.703
Joint establishment of eligibility 300.190(c)
LEA (Local Educational Agency)
Allocations to LEAs 300.712
     Reallocation of LEA funds 300.714
Capacity-building and improvement 300.622-
     Use of SEA allocations for 300.370
Conditions and terms of reimbursement 300.142
Eligibility conditions 300.180
Excess cost requirement 300.184
Expenditures for private school children 300.453
Input on how State allocates funds for priorities 300.156
Joint establishment of eligibility 300.190(c)
Maintenance of effort/exception 300.231
Methods of ensuring services 300.142
Noncompliance (SEA reduction of payments) 300.197(a)
Private school children 300.451
Reallocation of LEA funds 300.714
Reduction in payments from SEA 300.197(a)
Reimbursement from other agencies for services 300.142
SEA funds (allowable costs)--State-level nonsupplanting 300.153
Subgrants to LEAs 300.711
     For capacity-building and improvement 300.370
Use of LEA allocations for direct services 300.360
Use of Part-B funds for coordinated services system (not more than 5% of LEA's grant) 300.244
Use of SEA allocations for capacity-building
     For capacity-building 300.370
     To assist in meeting personnel shortages 300.370
Limitation on Use of Part-B Funds (excess costs) 300.184
LRE (See "Least Restrictive Environment")
Maintenance of Effort
LEA 300.231
     Exception to 300.232
State 300.154
     Waiver 300.589
Maintenance of State Financial Support 300.154
Cost of 300.506(b)(3)
Use of SEA allocations to establish 300.370
Children covered by public insurance 300.142
Coordinated services system (e.g., Medicaid) 300.244
Financial responsibility of each public agency 300.142
Medicaid reimbursement 300.142
Methods of ensuring services 300.142
Proceeds from public or private insurance 300.142
Public agency may use Medicaid 300.142
State Medicaid agency 300.142
Title XIX of the Social Security Act (Medicaid) 300.142
Methods of Ensuring Services 300.142
Monitor; Monitoring Activities
Allowable costs for monitoring 300.621
Secretary of the Interior 300.260(a)
Use of SEA allocations for monitoring 300.370
Waiver (State's procedures for monitoring) 300.589
Of requirements that prohibit commingling and supplanting of funds 300.372
Noncommingling 300.152
Nondisabled Students
Excess cost requirement 300.184
Noneducational Public Agency
Reimbursement for services by 300.142
Nonmedical care (residential placement) 300.302
Excess cost requirement (Re: children 3-5 and 18-21) 300.184
LEA nonsupplanting 300.230
Nonapplicability to State-level activities 300.372
State-level nonsupplanting 300.153
Waiver of requirement 300.589
Out-of-Pocket Expense (Public Insurance) 300.142
Opportunity to Examine Records 300.501(b)(5)
Parents Rights and Protections
IEP Meetings (participation in) 300.345
     Copy of child's IEP 300.345(f)
Meetings (participation in) 300.501(b)
Opportunity to examine records 300.501(a)
Participating Agency (IEP...)
Definition 300.340(b)
Transition services 300.348
Permanent Formula (Allocations to States) 300.706
Permissive Use of Funds (LEAs) 300.235
Coordinated services system 300.235
Nonapplicability of certain provisions 300.235
Services that also benefit nondisabled children 300.235
Policy- Policies and Procedures
Condition of assistance 300.110(a)
Joint establishment of eligibility 300.192(b)(1)
LEA and State agency conditions 300.220
Secretary of the Interior 300.260(f)
State eligibility required policies 300.121-
Private Insurance 300.142
Private School Children--Enrolled by Parents
Expenditures (for services) 300.453
Funds not to benefit 300.459
Separate classes prohibited 300.458
Transportation of 300.456(b)(2)
Use of private school personnel 300.461
Use of Public school personnel 300.460
Private School Children Placed by Public Agencies
SEA responsibility for special education 300.401(a)
Procedural Safeguards--Due Process Procedures
Attorneys' fees 300.513
Hearing rights 300.509
Impartial hearing officer 300.508(b)
Oportunity to examine records 300.501(a)
Mediation 300.506(b)(3)
Parent participation at meetings 300.501(b)
Parent right to evaluation at public expense 300.502
     Public expense (definition) 300.502
Parental rights at hearings 300.509(c)
Surrogate parents 300.515(d)
Proceeds from Public or Private Insurance 300.142
Public Expense (Definition under IEE) 300.502
Public Insurance 300.142
Public or Private Insurance (Proceeds from) 300.142
Rate of Inflation (in the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers) 300.602
Reallocation of LEA Funds (Re:FAPE--adequate) 300.714
Recovery of Funds--erroneously classified children 300.145
Reduction of Funds for Failure to Maintain Support 300.154
Methods of ensuring services 300.142
Private school placement if FAPE is at issue
     Exception 300.403
     Limitation on reimbursement 300.403
     Reimbursement for private school placement 300.403
Reimbursement by non-educational public agency 300.142
State complaint procedures (remedies for denial of appropriate services) 300.660
Relation of Part-B to other Federal Programs 300.601
Remedies for Denial of Appropriate Services 300.660(b)(1)
Residential Placements 300.302
School-Based Improvement Plan 300.245-
School Personnel
Subgrants to LEAs for capacity-building (cooperative problem-solving between parents and) 300.622
Use of private school personnel 300.461
Use of public school personnel 300.460
Schoolwide Programs 300.234
SEA Allocations--Use of 300.370
SEA Responsibility
If an LEA does not apply for Part-B funds 300.360
Secretary of the Interior
Eligibility 300.260
Services that also Benefit Nondisabled Children 300.235
Definition 300.28
Special definition for grants 300.700
State Administration (use of funds for) 300.620
Allowable costs 300.621
Amount (5%...or 500,000...whichever is greater) 300.620
State Advisory Panel
Procedures 300.653(e)-(f)
State Complaint Procedures 300.660(b)(1)
State Eligibility
Condition of assistance 300.110(a)
Department procedures 300.581
Notice of hearings before... 300.581-
State-level Activities (with Part-B funds) 300.602
Amount for (25% of...) 300.602
Amount for State administration (20%... or - $500,000...whichever is greater) 300.602
     See "Use of Funds by States-SEAs"
State-level Nonsupplanting 300.153
Waiver 300.153
Waiver procedures 300.589
State Maintenance of Effort 300.154
Definition (in EDGAR at 34 CFR 77.1) 300.30
Private school children 300.453
State agency eligibility 300.194
To LEAs 300.711
Subgrants to LEAs for Capacity State Medicaid Agency
Methods of ensuring services 300.142
See also "Medicaid"
Supplementary Aids and Services
Methods of ensuring services 300.142
Services that also benefit nondisabled children 300.235
Supplement - Not Supplant
Assistive technology 300.308(a)
In "assistive technology" 300.308
LEA requirement 300.230
State level nonsupplanting 300.153
Surrogate Parents
Procedural safeguards 300.515
Termination of Agency Obligation to Provide Special Education to a Particular Child 300.232
Allocations to States (interim formula calculation, as of December 1, or...last Friday in October) 300.703
Attorneys' fees (prohibition of... 10 "days") 300.513
Transition Services
Agency responsibilities for 300.348
State rehabilitation agency 300.348(b)
Of private school children 300.456(b)
Treatment of Federal Funds in Certain Years 300.233
Use of Amounts (LEA) 300.230
Use of Funds--by LEAs
Coordinated services system 300.235
For services and aids that also benefit nondisabled children 300.235
For use in accordance with Part-B 300.711
School-based improvement plan 300.245-
School-wide programs (to carry out) 300.234
Use of Funds by States--SEAs
Allowable costs 300.621
Administering Part-B 300.620
Administering Part-C (if SEA and Lead agency = same) 300.620
Administration of State activities under Part-B 300.621
Administrative costs of monitoring and complaint investigations 300.370
Annual description of use of Part-B funds 300.156
Approval, supervision, monitoring, and evaluation of effectiveness of local programs and projects 300.621
Assist LEAs in meeting personnel shortages 300.370
Complaint investigations 300.370
Coordination of activities with other programs 300.620
Direct and support services 300.370
     Definition of direct and support services 300.370
Evaluation of effectiveness of local programs 300.621
Leadership services for program supervision and management of special education activities 300.621
Mediation process 300.370
Monitoring 300.370
Other State leadership activities and consultative services 300.621
Personnel development and training 300.370
Planning programs and projects 300.621
State administration 300.620
State advisory panel (for reasonable and necessary expense for...meetings...duties) 300.653
State improvement plan 300.370
Statewide coordinated services system 300.370
Support and direct services 300.370
Technical assistance
     To LEAs (Re:Part-B requirements) 300.621
     To other programs that provide services 300.620
Use of Funds-- for former Chapter 1 State Agencies 300.713
Use of Funds--Secretary of Interior 300.715-
By Indian Tribes:
   For child find for children aged 3-5 300.716
   For coordination of assistance for services 300.716
For administration by 300.262
Use of SEA Allocations 300.370
Nonapplicability of requirements that prohibit commingling and supplanting of funds 300.372
For exceptional and uncontrollable circumstance (State maintenance of effort) 300.154
"In whole or in part" 300.153
Public insurance (risk of loss of eligibility for home and community based waivers...) 300.142
State-level nonsupplanting 300.153
State maintenance of effort 300.154
State-level nonsupplanting 300.154
State's procedures for monitoring 300.589
Waiver procedures 300.589

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