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IDEA - Fiscally Relevent Regulations by Section
Subpart B - State and Local Eligibility
State Eligibility--General
300.110(a)- Condition of Assistance

State Eligibility- Specific Conditions
300.130(b)- Least restrictive environment
300.142- Methods of ensuring services
300.144- Hearings relating to LEA eligibility
300.145- Recovery of funds for misclassified children
300.147(a)(2)- Additional information if SEA provides direct services
300.152- Prohibition against commingling
300.153- State-level nonsupplanting
300.154- Maintenance of State financial support
300.155- Policies and procedures for use of Part B funds
300.156- Annual description of use of Part B funds

LEA and State Agency Eligibility--General
300.180- Condition of assistance
300.184- Excess cost requirement
300.185- Meeting the excess cost requirement
300.190(c)- Joint establishment of eligibility
300.192(b)(1)- Requirements for establishing eligibility
300.197(a)- LEA and State Agency compliance

LEA and State Agency Eligibility- Specific Conditions
300.230- Use of amounts
300.231- Maintenance of effort
300.232- Exception to maintenance of effort
300.233- Treatment of federal funds in certain fiscal years
300.234- Schoolwide programs under title I of the ESEA
300.235- Permissive use of funds
300.241(b)- Treatment of charter schools and their students
300.244- Coordinated services system

School-Based Improvement Plan
300.245(a)- School-based Improvement plan
300.247(c)(3)- Responsibilities of LEA

Secretary of the Interior- Eligibility
300.260- Submission of information
300.262- Use of Part B funds

Subpart C - Services
Free Appropriate Public Education
300.301- FAPE—methods and payments
300.302- Residential placement
300.308- Assistive technology
300.312- Children with Disabilities in public charter schools
300.340(b)- Definitions related to IEPs
300.345(e)-(f)- Parent participation
300.348(b)- Agency responsibilities for transition services

Direct Services by the SEA
300.360- Use of LEA allocation for direct services
300.370- Use of SEA allocations
300.372- Nonapplicability of requirements that prohibit commingling and supplanting of funds

Subpart D - Children in Private Schools
Children with Disabilities Enrolled by their Parents in Private Schools When FAPE is at issue
300.401(a)- Responsibility of State educational agency
300.403- Placement of children by parents if FAPE is at issue

Children with Disabilities Enrolled by Their Parents in Private Schools
300.453- Expenditures
300.456- Location of services; transportation
300.458- Separate classes prohibited
300.459- Requirement that funds not benefit a private school
300.460- Use of public school personnel
300.461- Use of private school personnel
300.462- Requirements concerning property, equipment, and supplies for the benefit of private school children with disabilities

Procedures for By-Pass
300.481- Provisions for services under a by-pass

Subpart E - Procedural Safeguards
Due Process Procedures for Parents and Children
300.501(b)(5)- Opportunity to examine records; parent participation in meetings
300.502- Independent educational evaluation
300.506(b)(3)- Mediation
300.508(b)- Impartial hearing officer
300.509(c)(2)- Hearing rights
300.513- Attorneys’ fees
300.515(d)- Surrogate parents

Department Procedures
300.581(a)(1)- Notice and hearing before determining that a State is not eligible
300.589- Waiver of requirement regarding supplementing and not supplanting with Part B funds

Subpart F - State Administration
300.601- Relation of Part B to other Federal programs
300.602- State-level activities

Use of Funds
300.620- Use of funds for State administration
300.621- Allowable costs
300.622- Subgrants to LEAs for capacity-building and improvement
300.623- Amount required for subgrants to LEAs
300.624- State discretion in awarding subgrants

State Advisory Panel
300.653(e)-(f)- Advisory panel functions

State Complaint Procedures
300.660(b)(1)- Adoption of State complaint procedures

Subpart G - Allocation of Funds; Reports
300.700- Special definition of the term "State"
300.701- Grants to States
300.702- Definition
300.703- Allocations to States
300.706- Permanent formula
300.707- Increase in funds
300.708- Limitation
300.709- Decrease in funds
300.710- Allocation for State in which by-pass is implemented for private school children with disabilities
300.711- Subgrants to LEAs
300.712- Allocations to LEAs
300.713- Former Chapter 1 State agencies
300.714- Reallocation of LEA funds
300.715- Payments to the Secretary of the Interior for the education of Indian children
300.716- Payments for education and services for Indian children with diabilities aged 3 through 5
300.717- Outlying areas and freely associated States
300.718- Outlying areas- definition
300.719- Limitation for freely associated States
300.720- Special rule
300.722- Definition

300.756- Acquisition of equipment; construction or alteration of facilities

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