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Seep Data Collection Instruments
Follow the links below to see the data collection instruments that were approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and used for the SEEP.

  • OMB statement - The supporting statement that accompanied the SEEP data collection instruments when they were sent to the Office of Management and Budget for approval. It includes an overview of the study, a discussion of the study's importance, and information about the statistical methods that will be used.
  • State Survey - The state questionnaire focuses on (1) personnel and non-personnel resources allocated to the special education division within the state department of education, and (2) information about special education funding to districts and other local educational agencies within the state.
  • District/IEU Survey A series of district-level questionnaires collects background and fiscal information about the district, and about its special education and related programs.
  • School Survey - A series of school-level questionnaires collects school budget data and information about special education programs operated at the school and district levels.
  • Teachers Survey - Surveys completed by special education teachers and related service providers, and general education teachers.
  • Aide Survey - Surveys completed by special education aides.
  • Student Survey A questionnaire, completed by teachers, that describes the education needs of selected students and the special services they receive.
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